tirsdag 21. oktober 2014

Self portrait in my apartment in Oslo. Autumn. October 2014. 

søndag 12. oktober 2014

Summer's over

 The green leaves have turned yellow and brown and cover the streets. It's rainy, windy and chilly, but not so long ago it was so warm. 
 There were clear blue skies and days when it was so warm you just wanted to be in the shade
 Summer 2014 was all about Barcelona and Valencia
 And it was the warmest summer in Oslo for quite some time
 I can't remember it ever being so warm in the waters of Oslo. Going for a swim after work or in the weekend was fantastic. 
A fun festival, drunken nights
 It's like life is more intense and carefree during the summer. 
Goodbye summer! It was a great couple of months. See you next year!

torsdag 9. oktober 2014

Food friend

Hanging out with a friend is fun. Eating is fun. So why not combine the two?
Breakfast at a pub across the street from our hotel. Eggs benedict. 
 Lunch at Tokyo Diner in Chinatown. Veggie curry .
 Dinner at a cozy pub (with a fireplace!) A chicken pie with chips.
Dinner at Wagamama. Pork ramen. 

tirsdag 7. oktober 2014

You've got a friend

In London I went to the movies with Ruben and saw this really great British film called "Pride". 
 Very rarely do I watch a film that gives me faith in humanity and makes me laugh and tear a little bit up. 
 It's 1984, the miners are on strike and country is in chaos. A group of gays decide to collect money to support the miners because the figure they have something in common with the ostracized and repressed group. 
 Of course it's not easy for the gays to show up in a small, conservative Welsh mining town. Anyway, this film is about how we are stronger together, and how fantastic it feels to know you are not alone in the world when you are struggling. 
Gays and miners on strike, what an unlikely combination! But the great bit is that this film is based on a true story. This actually happened! And the ending so so fantastic it almost makes me cry just thinking about it. 

mandag 6. oktober 2014

London in October

London is so huge, so vast
 So there are always new streets and places do explore
 But I always return to certain places
 Like the V&A, the Victoria and Albert museum
Traveling alone is fun, but traveling with Ruben is fun too. Because we're on the same wavelenght. There is always time for a coffee/ beer break or a nap. 
 We stayed at a hotel a ten minute leisurely stroll from Marble Arch. 
 London hotels are crazy expensive. We could stay at a fancy hotel in most other cities for what we paid in this dump. But hey, at least we could walk nearly everywhere. 
 Mmmm. Fish & chips. Deep fried. Mmmm.
Ah. London. 
Hvis du er lei av London, er du lei av livet. 

søndag 5. oktober 2014

So I went to London this weekend with Ruben. It is such a huge, noisy, creative and fun city.
 And that's just above ground. I love going under ground, taking the tube here and there, crossing the city, looking at people deep down below
More tube-pics from an earlier trip here
More London fun here and here

tirsdag 5. august 2014


 Oh, the magic of Spain's number two city, the Catalan capital, Barcelona. It's Valencia's cocky big sister!
Barcelona is chaotic and lively. The main street, La Rambla is full of tourists and pick pockets, and at night hookers line the street. And some of the narrow side streets reek of piss. But despite all this, the city is breathtakingly beautiful, innovative and full of character. 
It's truly a world class international city with a proud history that goes waaaay back. 
Stay here for a cool, and not so expensive hotel in a good, central location: Chic & Basic, Rambla, Pasaje Gutenberg, 7, 08001 Barcelona.