tirsdag 5. mai 2015

Oslo in Spring

It got warm and everything was great!
Then it got cold again. That's what you get for living in Norway!
Well, at least you can cheer yourself up by wearing stuff like this. 

mandag 4. mai 2015


 So the light has returned!
 Having four distinct seasons is great- when you enter a new season, you really notice the difference. M y favorite is - yeah you guessed it: Spring. 
May is the last month I'll spend in my apartment. Feels a little bit sad, but mostly it's exciting knowing I'll find somewhere else to live. Change is good. 
It will be sad to leave this beautiful neighborhood though. 
I'm crap at cleaning windows. 

fredag 1. mai 2015

Easter part two

 Who can resist the quaint wooden houses of Bergen? Not me! 
 So yeah, the weather gods are moody: It will be pouring down one minute, then suddenly the sun will shine. Then later it might snow. But who cares, the atmosphere and beauty of Bergen makes up for it. 
The sun was warming my face. A couple of minutes later, it was raining. Haha. 

lørdag 25. april 2015

Easter in my hometown- Part one

 Could it be the most beautiful city on earth?
 Welcome to Bergen, Norway's second largest city. 
 To be honest: There are probably loads of more beautiful cities on earth, but to me, this will always be the most beautiful. After all, I grew up here, and it is always special coming home. HOME. It's nice to have a home. 
 This easter was cold and wet...
...but it didn't matter. I felt like I'd come home. That was all that mattered 

torsdag 23. april 2015

An era is over!

 I've lived in this nice little studio apartment for 8 years now. It's time to move on. 
 A couple of weeks ago a photographer came and took these pictures because I was about to sell the apartment. Luckily it wasn't on the market for long. It was sold after a week!
 So now I have to say goodbye. 
 8 years! Time goes by so quickly! I only have happy memories from this apartment. But moving on will be nice too. It will be good to find somewhere more spacious. And maybe experience another part of town. 
Friends, lovers, parties, good times, great conversations, dinner parties. Ah if these walls could talk!
Thank you so much and goodbye.