tirsdag 5. august 2014


 Oh, the magic of Spain's number two city, the Catalan capital, Barcelona. It's Valencia's cocky big sister!
Barcelona is chaotic and lively. The main street, La Rambla is full of tourists and pick pockets, and at night hookers line the street. And some of the narrow side streets reek of piss. But despite all this, the city is breathtakingly beautiful, innovative and full of character. 
It's truly a world class international city with a proud history that goes waaaay back. 
Stay here for a cool, and not so expensive hotel in a good, central location: Chic & Basic, Rambla, Pasaje Gutenberg, 7, 08001 Barcelona. 

tirsdag 29. juli 2014

Home town glory 1

Hello Bergen, Norway's second largest city! It also happens to be the most beautiful place in Norway.
 And surprise, surprise, it's my home city! 
I left for for Oslo in 2006, (time flies!) but Bergen is always in my heart. 
 This summer, it was exceptionally gorgeous. For a change it hasn't been raining constantly! 
I like how many houses cling to the mountainside
 ...And the nice narrow streets
It's always nice to come home to such a beautiful city. 

onsdag 23. juli 2014

Summer in the mountains

I had the greatest day at work yesterday, driving through this fantastic landscape
 High up in the mountains, a 3 hour drive from Oslo was this nice piece of paradise
 The place is called Hemsedal, and is located north west of Oslo. In winter it's known for being a nice place to go skiing. But I think it's just as nice in the summer. 

You know you've left the big city when this is when this is what holds you up in traffic...

tirsdag 22. juli 2014

Summer in Oslo

 There's nothing quite like dozing off under a tree on a warm summer day
Then waking up and gazing at the green leaves above and listening to them rustle gently in the summer breeze.
 Ah! Oslo in the summer is wonderful. Go to Vippetangen and get on board a boat headed to one of the small islands on the fjord for a picnic and a swim. What a bargain: You can go to any island for the price of a tram/ tube ticket. Yay!
 For the best sandwiches/ Bocadillos in Oslo: Hotel Havana! My favorite is Manchego cheese & Serrano ham. It's a great spot for people watching too. Thorvald Meyers gate 36, 0555 Oslo. 
 One of the touristy things that is worth doing is definitely the opera building. A gorgeous piece of architecture. And you can walk all over it too. Great for an afternoon stroll. Kirsten Flagstads pl. 1. N-0150 Oslo
Hello Miss Mo!
The best spot to end a summer evening: Sukkerbiten. Go here to catch the last rays of summer sun and for nice food and some beer/ wine. On this picture, it's nearly 23:00 P.M. What's not to love about the long Norwegian summer days? Location: Behind the opera. 

fredag 18. juli 2014

A rainy day in Valencia

One day during our holiday, it really poured down. It rained like there was no tomorrow!
 It was refreshing though, because after the rain the air was fresh, and the streets glistened beautifully
 Yup, it was nice, but luckily that was the only day it rained. 
One day of rain during your holiday is enough :)