mandag 8. desember 2014

Venice porn

 Venice is such a magical place. I'd like to go back again alone. Walk around all day while listening to music. Exploring the streets after a great meal + wine, slightly tipsy, so all the impressions become even more magical. 

lørdag 6. desember 2014

Lights on. Action!

 Who would have thought I would end up in a glamorous music video shoot? It's the most bizarre thing I've ever done.
I've ended up in a really strange business with a lot of big egos and really interesting people. (By interesting, I mean a little bit fucked up).
I'm so glad I'm 36 and grounded. I feel like I'm on the outside looking in, being constantly surprised by all the ridiculous human drama beneath the glossy surface. 
 I've started a new trio! Not. 
Good at smiling, goofing around and taking selfies though. 
I quite enjoy myself behind the camera like this guy, so it's ironic I should end up in front of it. I like my new job, but honestly, I would enjoy an office job if only I had nice colleagues I could goof around with. 
 Of course not everyone in showbiz are fucked up. This guy is so friendly and down to earth. 
This friendly lady had a rough day at work choreographing me. Somehow I just couldn't learn the steps. Maybe I'll end up being edited out of the video!