torsdag 22. januar 2015

2014 through travel snapshots + stupid selfies

Last year was a great year, travelwise. I didn't realise I traveled as much abroad as I did before I did this post. 
 March: First trip of 2014- A weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. 
 It was dark, wet and cold, but who cares, I got to hang out with great friends from work, one of which lived in Copenhagen for half a year. 
 ALWAYS A SUCCESS: Snacking after a night out! 
 APRIL: Hello Tokyo! 
 It was all about nice food (Hello Macha ice cream!)
 ...And cherry blossoms! 
 Oh, did I mention the GREAT food?! 
 APRIL: Got on a boat to go to the Danish capital (again) with my super great colleagues
The weather was great, beer flowed freely, you can't ask for more, really
 MAY: Hello Berlin! Looky look! It's Miss Mo and Mr Max on Berlin bikes!
JUNE: I got a superfun new job
 And guess what?! Got on a boat (again) To go to Copenhagen (again)! 
JUNE: I was off to Barcelona, Spain with Ruben for my summer holiday
After Barcelona, we went to Valencia and stayed in a room with a great view
 It's funny, but I think everyting tastes extra great on planes
 AUGUST: My first girl on girl wedding! (Great food)
 OCTOBER: Went to London with Ruben. This from the V & A museum
 NOVEMBER: What do you know, a trip to the German capital. Again! This time work paid for my ticket. It was a work trip, but there was still time for a lot of partying. 
 And I could stay at my friend's place. Knowing locals is always good!
 NOVEMBER: A fairytale city on water
 DECEMBER: Family trip to the island of Gran Canaria, Spain
That's it! Thanks 2014, I liked you a lot. 

mandag 29. desember 2014

Las Islas Canarias, España

 Puerto Rico on the island of Gran Canaria at dusk