tirsdag 3. februar 2015

Beautiful stranger

Saw the most beautiful man on the bus today, I nearly died. You know how you don't want to look (because who wants to be perceived as a stalker), but then you say fuck it and look anyway, because of BEAUTY. Ah. Life.

What's it like being so beautiful, I wonder.

mandag 2. februar 2015

The stick of Narcissus

Is the selfie stick the first sign of the demise of western civilization?
Maybe. But it's fun!

torsdag 22. januar 2015

2014 through travel snapshots + stupid selfies

Last year was a great year, travelwise. I didn't realise I traveled as much abroad as I did before I did this post. 
 March: First trip of 2014- A weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. 
 It was dark, wet and cold, but who cares, I got to hang out with great friends from work, one of which lived in Copenhagen for half a year. 
 ALWAYS A SUCCESS: Snacking after a night out! 
 APRIL: Hello Tokyo! 
 It was all about nice food (Hello Macha ice cream!)
 ...And cherry blossoms! 
 Oh, did I mention the GREAT food?! 
 APRIL: Got on a boat to go to the Danish capital (again) with my super great colleagues
The weather was great, beer flowed freely, you can't ask for more, really
 MAY: Hello Berlin! Looky look! It's Miss Mo and Mr Max on Berlin bikes!
JUNE: I got a superfun new job
 And guess what?! Got on a boat (again) To go to Copenhagen (again)! 
JUNE: I was off to Barcelona, Spain with Ruben for my summer holiday
After Barcelona, we went to Valencia and stayed in a room with a great view
 It's funny, but I think everyting tastes extra great on planes
 AUGUST: My first girl on girl wedding! (Great food)
 OCTOBER: Went to London with Ruben. This from the V & A museum
 NOVEMBER: What do you know, a trip to the German capital. Again! This time work paid for my ticket. It was a work trip, but there was still time for a lot of partying. 
 And I could stay at my friend's place. Knowing locals is always good!
 NOVEMBER: A fairytale city on water
 DECEMBER: Family trip to the island of Gran Canaria, Spain
That's it! Thanks 2014, I liked you a lot. 

mandag 29. desember 2014

Las Islas Canarias, España

 Puerto Rico on the island of Gran Canaria at dusk