lørdag 25. april 2015

Easter in my hometown- Part one

 Could it be the most beautiful city on earth?
 Welcome to Bergen, Norway's second largest city. 
 To be honest: There are probably loads of more beautiful cities on earth, but to me, this will always be the most beautiful. After all, I grew up here, and it is always special coming home. HOME. It's nice to have a home. 
 This easter was cold and wet...
...but it didn't matter. I felt like I'd come home. That was all that mattered 

torsdag 23. april 2015

An era is over!

 I've lived in this nice little studio apartment for 8 years now. It's time to move on. 
 A couple of weeks ago a photographer came and took these pictures because I was about to sell the apartment. Luckily it wasn't on the market for long. It was sold after a week!
 So now I have to say goodbye. 
 8 years! Time goes by so quickly! I only have happy memories from this apartment. But moving on will be nice too. It will be good to find somewhere more spacious. And maybe experience another part of town. 
Friends, lovers, parties, good times, great conversations, dinner parties. Ah if these walls could talk!
Thank you so much and goodbye. 

onsdag 15. april 2015

Bucharest part two

 All self respecting big cities have got a metro
 The underground in Bucharest was clean and efficient. 
 I ordered this through room service. It was some kind of donut thingy served with sour cream and blueberry jam. Yum!
 My friend and I discovered a really cool restaurant with delicious and reasonable food. The only downer was that the restaurant/ bar was full of smoke. Romanians smoke a lot. Indoors! 
 Romanian grannies

søndag 12. april 2015

Let's go to Bucharest!

 We wanted to go somewhere in Europe for a weekend getaway. Somewhere we hadn't been before. Somewhere a little bit exotic. 
So a friend and I ended up going to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. 
 I am so glad we did, because, wow!
Great architecture!
And the nicest hotel room ever.
Lots of things to see, rich in history and friendly locals. 
 I'll definitely go back. 

tirsdag 3. februar 2015

Beautiful stranger

Saw the most beautiful man on the bus today, I nearly died. You know how you don't want to look (because who wants to be perceived as a stalker), but then you say fuck it and look anyway, because of BEAUTY. Ah. Life.

What's it like being so beautiful, I wonder.

mandag 2. februar 2015

The stick of Narcissus

Is the selfie stick the first sign of the demise of western civilization?
Maybe. But it's fun!